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Epilepsy Society Regional Services

Launched in 2000 the Regional Services use 8 managers and c.200 trained volunteers to provide face-to-face information and support to worried or concerned epilepsy patients, their carers and family members, as well as medical professionals. We operate in over 180 healthcare settings England-wide.

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Receiving a diagnosis of epilepsy can be an emotional and confusing experience. Often, patients' time with their consultant is limited, and there is too much information to fully digest. Our service offers invaluable resources, support, information and signposting to people affected by epilepsy, to help them better understand and cope with their condition. We also run awareness raising initiatives to educate and inform the public about epilepsy, and reduce the stigma that often surrounds it.


Our information is sought by people with epilepsy, their families and carers, as well as medical professionals. The face-to-face element provides people with the opportunity to have questions answered, and find out about additional sources of information. The regional services complement the work of neurologists and allow patients to have a fuller picture. Our schools awareness programme aims to combat the stigma surrounding epilepsy by educating pupils and promoting tolerance.

  • Volunteers very helpful & caring, explaining to me and make me feel comfortable.

    — Person with epilepsy who uses the EIN

  • • “Given that we have no epilepsy nurses at our Trust this is an essential addition to our clinics”.

    — Dr Butterworth, Pinderfields General Hospital

  • Very valuable service – most appreciated by professionals and patients alike

    — Jan Aravelo, Epilepsy Specialist Nurse, Frimley Park Hospital