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The “Citizen Journalism & Creative writing building to publication” project.

We would like financial support to set up a new programme We believe that this training will develops empowering skills to this marginalized group, providing the participants with the knowledge and confidence to actively and effectively contribute to mainstream media and to the education of society as a whole, about mental health issues.

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The Citizen Journalism is a writing/expression training programme working towards an end product, culminating in a printed publication and a launch event to publicise it. The finished publication to be an anthology of writing that, avoids reinscribing negative perceptions of people who experience mental health difficulties. The aim is to help people develop surprising and challenging contributions that would add something both to their own self-esteem and that would alter the perceptions of members of the public that might read it. The creative writing building to publication side of the project will focus on writing for an audience. The sessions will support people in developing journalistic skills such as research, making a strong case and constructing pieces of writing that present arguments in measured and objective ways, in order to make effective contributions to the mainstream media about their experiences and ideas.