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Employment Scheme

To provide training and employment to young people and adults with learning disabiilities in Scotland.

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By providing individualised training relevant for individuals with learning disabilities, Inspire aims to reduce feelings of isolation by allowing these individuals to access opportunities to mainstream employment; increase their life skills; help promote independence - both economic and social; address issues of poverty; empower socially excluded groups; challenge prejudices; destigmatising the issues of learning disabilities. Inspire recognises that an individual approach is required to determine the needs and abilities of the individuals we support. The Employment Scheme will therefore provide tailored training programmes for each individual, based on our person-centred planning approach and this will determine the number of students we are able to support once referrals have been made and applications received. Training packages will be developed in line with individual needs and mainstream employment abilities and will comprise accredited, non accredited and short courses including basic skills and ICT, CV building, job search and confidence building. In-house training will be further developed and utilise existing programmes including College courses and outreach tutors. We plan to provide four short courses per month for students. Individuals with the relevant abilities may have the opportunity to enter into full or part-time employment, work placements, sheltered employment, work tasters and job changes. The employment choice will be based on the individual's support requirements, training needs and impact on benefits. Inspire will work closely with each individual to identify suitable opportunities and then support the process from training to application stage and possibly mainstream employment. Inspire will continue to support the individual once employed until it is no longer required. It is anticipated that part of the purpose of the Employment Scheme will be to break down many of the prejudices faced by people with learning disabilities in Scotland.