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To provide a support service to children and young people aged 5-18 with learning disabilities throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

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A child or young person who has a general learning disability is aware of what goes on around them. However, their ability to understand and communicate may be very limited and they can find it very hard to express themselves. Speech problems can make it even harder to make other people understand their feelings and needs. They are often frustrated and upset by their own limitations and when they compare themselves to other children and young people they can think badly of themselves. The organisation will provide an activity scheme for young people with learning disabilities throughout the year, based on the current Holiday Activity Scheme model which is currently restricted to school holidays only and has worked with hundreds of children. Many of the children have struggled with mainstream education due to a variety of conditions such as ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and autism. Inspire works with these young people in their communities who are currently in transition from childhood to adulthood. Inspire would like to provide children and young people with full-time residential respite care for children aged 5-18. Each child using the service will have a personal support plan geared to their individual needs and abilities which ensures the service we provide meets the requirements for their respite required - a holiday, break from home, life skills training for independent living, a break for carers or a chance to develop social networks at the service and with the local community. Our staff will enable these children and young people to access activities and amenities in the local community in order to meet people and participate in the neighbourhood in a meaningful way. We will also offer the opportunity for skills development for this whose aim is to move onto more independent living skills - cooking, laundry, personal care and social / interpersonal skills are all part of the support to be offered by Inspire. The organisation aims to match up people using the service at the same time so that they have a chance to make friends and share activities if they choose to and each child or young person can participate in developing an essential lifestyle plan.