PATRA East Midlands

Family Support Service for Families of Offenders/ex-offenders

The proposal aims to provide information, advice and guidance to Black and Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) offenders and ex-offenders and their families from the Midlands in order to reduce the probability of re-offending and to improve core stability of the family. Services provided will include: Welfare Brokerage; Training and Employment; Counselling: Befriending and Support to offenders in respect of their impending release.

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This project will establish a family support service in the East and West Midlands that will provide Information Advice and Guidance to at least 150 families who have a family member(s) in prison. The service will employ 2 family officers who will identify and engage with families with the aim of guiding them through the sentence and release of the offender, reducing the probability of re-offending after release and maintaining and supporting the family unit. The family officers will provide a range of services, activities and interventions that will build strong links with the families, the prison service and other stakeholders throughout the remainder of the sentence and upon release. Thereafter, the family will be supported by a family officer for up to six weeks in adjusting to family life. Services provided will include the following: Welfare Brokerage Services – supporting the ex-offender and family members with claims for statutory benefits Training and Employment Services – provision of training and employment opportunities for the ex-offenders and their families Counselling Services – the provision of Group and peer counselling to help families to share their problems and develop coping mechanisms. Befriending – use of befrienders to visit families in their communities to promote effective citizenship and a sense of community Offenders Support – visiting offenders in prison and counselling them in respect to their impending release.