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Field Studies Council Young Darwin Scholarship

The Young Darwin Scholarships provides long term support and opportunities for young people who have a keen interest in the natural world. To nurture their interest and build knowledge and skills – developing the next generation of biodiversity experts the ‘Darwin’ or ‘Attenborough’ of the future

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Registered Charity in England and Wales (313364)




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Young people who have a specific interest in biodiversity have limited opportunities to develop their knowledge. They can feel isolated in their interest and need support and encouragement especially as they make career and education choices. There is evidence of a lack of practical identification and field skills following university or further education so there is a need to widen the depth and breadth of provision to increase understanding and to fill the gap in skills required by employers.


Award 15 scholarships each year for 16 and 17 year olds. Provide ongoing support and opportunities over a period of five years to develop skills, knowledge and proficiency to help encourage and develop their interest. The combination of residential training courses, visits and building an online community should nurture and increase interest helping with education and career choices resulting in individuals who are competent and committed to biodiversity whether as a career or hobby.

  • We got to meet enthusiastic specialists and keen students. I feel that after a few days their knowledge and enthusiasm really rubbed off on us all.

    — Susannah

  • As an entomologist I really enjoy working with young people who are enthusiastic and want to learn - it makes me want to learn more too

    — Bex

  • There are so few opportunities for young people who are interested in the natural world and YDS encourages and supports them - it fills a gap

    — Wildlife Trust