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The project will increase the confidence, independence and social skills of 12 young people, aged 14 - 19 years, who are visually impaired and at a crucial transitions stage of their life, using the outdoor environment as the motivating factor so that they no longer feel so isolated and alone.

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Visual impairment (VI) is a low incidence high need disability. Parents of VI young people are often over protective, under confident, resistant to new opportunities and highly risk averse. This creates problems as the young people begin to move into adulthood as. The project aims to help improve: independent living skills - decision making, independent travel; social skills – self confidence; healthy living - increased physical activity and environmental understanding.


The project will use the following methods to achieve the aims: planning together as a group of young people with a range of VI needs independent train travel residential weekends away from home and shared accommodation planning for the next weekend puts control of activities in the hands of the young people a range of stretching and challenging activities taking place outdoors in the natural environment group reflection times on handling risk and building resilience