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Stop Baby Elephant Smuggling

Asian elephant calves are being torn from their families in the wild and subjected to a brutal 'taming' process to break their spirits, so they can be sold and ridden by tourists. Elephant Family is fighting to stop this torture and smuggling of baby elephants and keep them in their forest homes.

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It ran from 11:37 AM, 29 November 2012 to 2:42 PM, 7 March 2017

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Elephant Family is fighting to STOP the capture of baby elephants from their forest homes to supply the tourist industry. Mothers and family members are often killed in the process, and the calves are then subjected to a horrific 'taming' ritual, where they are tied up and beaten to break their spirits. Many simply do not survive. This illegal trade in live wild Asian elephants is extremely inhumane and a very real threat to remaining populations of this endangered species.


Elephant Family will continue its critical research into illegal elephant smuggling. By providing crucial insights into the trade and its devastating impacts on wild elephant populations we can ensure that the issue remains on the global political agenda. We will continue to lobby for a review of outdated existing elephant laws, the introduction of a captive elephant registration system, greater law enforcement and greater awareness - all key to combating elephant capture and trade.