The Soko Fund

The Drive for Lawyers

Malawi is in desperate need of lawyers and the Soko Fund can provide access to higher education for women to train as lawyers. Through this professional qualification, these women's social and economic situation will improve dramatically but also they will contribute to Malawi's development

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In 2006, more than fifty percent of prisoners in Malawi were on remand awaiting trial and some had stayed for more than seven years in prison without having their cases heard in court (source: Anderson 2006). There are 300 lawyers for 11 million people in Malawi (Nyirenda 2004), representing a ratio of 1:40,000. Malawi is in desperate need of more qualified lawyers to ensure that trials are conducted and human rights abuses avoided.


Studentships will be made available within the two main universities in Malawi and offered to women to enable them to complete a law degree within Malawi. This will provide a new generation of qualified personnel entering the law profession. These lawyers will be both Malawi trained and work within the Malawian legal system, thus, allowing Malawi to resolve its own difficulties.