The Rotherham Hospice Trust

Increased hospice care for adults in Rotherham

The Rotherham Hospice provides specialist end of life care for adults in Rotherham with a life limiting illness and support for their families and carers. We are expanding the Hospice to ensure that it can continue to provide high quality end of life care services well into the future.

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The plans involve increasing the number of inpatient beds from eight to 14 and modernising the existing facilities to provide much better arrangements for the privacy of our patients and to provide improved facilities for patients' families and carers. The expanded Hospice will also include improved facilities for the education and training of health care professionals. We have received significant statutory support for our new Hospice extension and this part of the building project is already underway. However, we still need to raise an additional £300,000 to complete the extension. When the building project is complete, it will cost around £600,000 extra per year to provide a range of end of life care services to a greater number of adults in Rotherham.