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The project is to build dressing rooms, storage and flexible space, to replace worn out temporary buildings, to ensure the continuing success and viability of an exceptional theatre. Operating the Theatre is very difficult; performers have to access the stage from outside the building in all weathers and the current dressing rooms are not accessible to disabled performers and so they have to change behind scenery at the back of the stage.

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The project is needed because when the Theatre was built, in 1993, there were insufficient funds to build dressing rooms and scene storage facilities. A second hand portable building and a demountable garage have been used for the past 14 years to provide these facilities. The "temporary" buildings were second-hand in 1993 and are now worn out. Without the new extension the Theatre is at risk, in the near future, of not being able to operate when the 'temporary' buildings become unusable. The quantity surveyors elemental 'budget cost' for the extension is £300,000 but, we can build phase 1 for £225,000. These costs are net of VAT, which is recoverable The project was launched in September 2005 and we have now raised around 80% of the money needed to complete the first phase of the project. We are therefore applying for a grants to cover the balance of the costs.