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To build a new drop-in centre for Substance Misuse support services.

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Due to the success of the services that we provide and the amount of service users accessing our centre, Chooselife's current building has become too small for us to continue without expanding. In 2008 we received funding to purchase a 600 sq metre factory building across the car park from our current building (current building is leased). We intend to demolish this and to replace with a new centre. The requested funding would be used to build a new centre on this site that would house the drop in service and our Diversionary Activity Programme, as well as other services that we provide for substance misusers in Llanelli and the surrounding area. Our current building is just 100 sq metres, the new building will provide us with 760 sq metres of space. This building development would transform the existing premises into a multi-functional centre providing a wide range of services for substance misusers and thier families. Drug addiction creates major health problems for both those involved and the community as a whole. By helping to reduce drug taking, the project will have a major impact on the individuals in question plus the whole community. The Diversionary Activities that we provide are aimed at treating drug and alcohol related addiction in the Community. Our goal is to enable individuals and their families to return to a stable and productive lifestyle by encouraging motivation and equipping them with the skills necessary for this. We aim to do this through offering a variety of activities, courses and groupwork which will focus on learning new skills, finding job satisfaction, team work and learning about Relapse Prevention. Ultimately our goal in the long term is for individuals to overcome their addiction and become abstinent, whereby they can be fully intergrated into Society. Project Outcomes Service users improve managing their addictions through accessing the centre which reduces harm to them selves and to the community in which they live. Increased training,volunteering and employment opportunities. Access to our Diversionary Activity Programme. Reducing isolation by improving social networks for substance misusers. The improvement in our opening hours from 10-6:00pm to 10-10:00pm will once again help reduce harm to our service users, as these extra four hours in the evening come at a time when all other services and systems of support that they have are closed. An increase in the capacity of service user involvement through increased floor space. Reduced family isolation leading to improved family relationships. The project will requires £70,000 revenue - £780,000 capital costs to cover the cost of demolition, new build, various contractor fees and the employment of two project workers to cover the centre for evening opening times.