Integrated Complementary therapies for Chronic Heart Disease and Renal Failure Patients

Over many years Non-Cancer Palliative conditions have been overlooked and patients have not received the choice of care, which is normally offered for a cancer patient. This project will provide Free complementary therapies and support e.g. acupuncture, aromatherapy and reflexology to palliative patients diagnosed with Chronic heart disease and Renal failure. The aim is to minimise signs and symptoms, minimise the need for medication, reduce need for additional medical and social support and overall improve quality of life.

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Three out of four people die of Non-Cancer diseases. It is a well known fact that there is inequity between the care offered to cancer and non-cancer patients. This new group of patients will include Chronic Heart disease and Renal Failure palliative patients. Complementary therapies will be offered through our existing team of 50 volunteer therapists, under the guidance and supervision of specialist integrated medicine team comprising of 2 f/t medical officers and 3 volunteer doctors. There will be no geographical boundary, but predominantly patients will be from Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Initially an assessment will be carried our by a medical officer to obtain details of patient’s medical history and treatments. Safety and guidelines relating to the use of complementary therapies, taking into account the patient’s medical condition and treatments are identified to ensure safe practice. Referrals will be through GPs, nurse specialists, hospitals, hospices, as well self-referrals. Funds for this project will support direct costs of patient care i.e. cost of therapies, medical and other support, £360,000 over a period of 3 yrs. Freshwinds model of integrated medicine successfully and safely integrates modern and traditional medicine. Local GPs, hospitals and hospices highly value this model of care and therefore we work in partnership, creating a truly unique holistic model. In 2006 we registered 256 new clients and provided 3,943 complementary therapy sessions. We anticipate that this service will pave the way towards improving services for non-cancer patients and set an example for the statutory and voluntary sector.