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Money Management Workshops

West View Advice & Resource Centre intends extending its debt advice service and increase the range of help currently available to residents, through To pilot four, 10 week money management courses.

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The project consists of ten, 2 hour sessions, delivered weekly during term times. Each 10 week course will deliver a sessions to explore themes around: Income & Expenditure, making ends meet; Budgeting and Spending money you do have; advantages of Direct Debits, Bank Accounts and Application Forms; Savings, Getting the most from your money; – looking at interest rates; Debt and spending money you don’t have; Loans and Borrowing money – Getting Credit and loan sharks; Benefit Entitlement and understanding taxes Basic bank accounts, Credit Unions and their benefits; Shopping around for bargains and reward schemes. Local agencies and experts will be invited to be guest presenters at some of the sessions. Delivery methods will include, group work and one to one sessions involving practical tasks and exercises, incorporating some self learning, via research, underpinned with a resource pack for future reference after course completion. Through education and this programme, we can help our clients avoid or reduce the likelihood of these outcomes and by developing the Lone Parents’ financial capability, it will have positive impacts on their confidence, self esteem and sense of control over money matters. Reducing the likelihood of the participants being caught in a destructive cycle of debt and loans. Which in turn increases poverty, induces stress and can lead to poor mental health Estimate of costs involved 100 hours of delivery time 4x10 weeks –2 hour workshops @ £12.24 /hour inc NI 8 hours preparation and admin time @ £12.24 /hr inc NI – Room Hire 40 weeks @ 23.00 per week Course materials - £500. Advertising & Marketing £500 Evaluation and Reporting @ £100 per course. Refreshments for attendees @ £10.00 per session Childcare Costs £500 contingency, may or may not be used depending on individual need. Total £4541.92