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Young people with complex social and psychological needs are falling through the gaps between services, Leicester YMCA’s research shows. With expertise in housing and homelessness, the charity is committed to developing a supported housing project specifically for complex needs, but cannot go ahead without additional funding. “Leicester YMCA is in the forefront of homeless services and I hope this report will help improve the support given to this very vulnerable group.” Patricia Hewitt

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Leicester YMCA is an organisation at the forefront of homeless services and youth housing in our area and part of the YMCA movement, which is Britain’s largest voluntary sector provider of safe, supported accommodation for young people. Our research has shown that high support accommodation, skilled workers and a commitment to long-term support could prevent social exclusion and deprivation for young people with complex needs. People’s needs are said to be complex when they occur in a number of areas such as poor housing, homelessness, substance misuse, mental health, poor health, poor education or long term unemployment. We want to purchase a house in Leicester that can be used specifically for young people with complex needs, who often fall through the gaps in service provision. We estimate that a property will cost £250k with support worker costs estimated at £90k per year for the first 3 years. There is commitment from Leicester YMCA’s board to pay for the building, so we are looking to obtain funding to run and staff the facility. “… I very strongly support Leicester YMCA's findings. Accommodation, and the right sort of supportive environment are critical if we are to make progress with this challenging group of young people. I hope it will be acted upon. I believe resources spent on this kind of work will lead to outcomes that will save lives, money and social difficulties further down the line.” Jon Snow, ITN News “This is a project that will need significant investment but may provide a significant return in the long-term as young people with complex needs develop their resilience and successfully make the transition to independent adulthood, able to make a positive contribution to their local communities.” Angela Sarkis, National Secretary, YMCA England