Lion Salt Works Trust

Open Pan Salt Works

To construct a working open pan salt works using the traditional Cheshire processes to make range of salt crystals, specialising in the production of BLOCK SALT. The works will set alongside the restored scheduled monument - the Lion Salt Works bring together a heritage site and a production works. Profits from the works would be donated to the Lion Salt Works Trust to support the management and educational work of the Trust in maintaining the site and telling the story of salt making.

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The new Lion Salt Works salt pans will produce salt from unrefined brine to make natural salt crystals without additives. The production techniques would be carried out by hand, using methods that are described in the adjoining museum. Restoring the process will enable visitors to see the traditional tools, rakes, skimmers and happers, being used to make salt. The proposal is similar to a vist to a working windmill, watermill or ice-cream farm. See the product being made and buy the product. The use of local woodchip is proposed for heating the salt pans thereby linking the important elements of energy, transport and labout to the story of industrial production in the past and the present. The health issues associated with salt will also be disseminated through the project. The Trust is working with British Salt to ctreate a 'heritage coarse crystal salt' and has received good feedback from local chefs, restaurants and dairy industry who wish to use such a product if were to be made. Support for this project would restore to the market a type of salt used by the great cookery writer Elizabeth David.