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The Foundation wishes to develop a research unit which will build on the work with young people and adults over the last 14 years. The Unit will work closely with the peace edcuation programme team to identify emerging themes for research which will feed into both future programme development and policy at local and Central Government level. The Foundation has already contributed to several Government consultations and 'best practice' conferences and would like to place this on a more structured basis.

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The first piece of resarch the Foundation wishes to undertake is based on teacher's ability to handle conflict arising out of discrimination within the class setting. Through our work with over 16,000 young people across the U.K the Foundation believes that some work needs to be done to provide our teachers with the skills and knowledge to tackle conflict as it arises, rather than letting it overspill into larger groups outside the class setting. This will in turn lead to reduced levels of aggression, racism and prejudice within our schools and provide teachers with a calmer paltform on which to begin their subject lessons.