Water and Sanitation in Mali

Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world (178th out of 182 according to the UN ). In Mali, access to water is a daily struggle. People in rural villages can spend all day collecting water in the dry season. As climatic changes bring a reduction in rainfall, wells and water points are drying out earlier in the year and water tables dropping deeper. 4.9 million people across Mali live without a safe water supply. This increasing water scarcity is compounded by severe poverty. In addition, nearly seven million Malians do not have access to adequate sanitation, which has lasting impacts on their health; water and sanitation related diseases are common, contributing to a very low life expectancy of 48.

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It ran from 10:35 PM, 8 December 2011 to 5:34 PM, 10 June 2016

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WaterAid has been working in Mali since 2000, and currently operates in five regions and in the capital city Bamako. Last year, we supported 41,000 people with improved access to water and 57,000 with improved sanitation. WaterAid’s Mali Country Programme targets the most vulnerable sections of society in Mali - the poorest and the most marginalised, including women, the elderly, disabled and those living with HIV/AIDS. The programme will be implemented through three sub programmes, national (8 projects), urban (8 projects) and rural (15 projects). Working with seven local partners across Mali over the next three years, WaterAid aims to achieve the following:  Improve the health and living conditions of the poorest and most vulnerable people through the construction of sanitation blocks and the adoption of good hygiene and sanitation practices in 23 partner Local Government areas  Improve the lives of vulnerable people through 50 modern water points in 23 partner Local Government areas.  Influence national government to increase the national budgets for the water and sanitation sectors by 5% - currently 2.2% for water and only 0.22% for sanitation.  Improve the ability of 23 local governments to provide local water and sanitation services through the Local Millennium Development Goals Initiative (LMDGI). In order to spend our money as effectively as possible, we can link donations to this country programme if they are £3000 or over; donations below this amount will support WaterAid’s work where the need is greatest at the time of donating.