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Creating Brighter Futures for the UK's Children

MOVE Europe is a small charity attempting to provide the unique MOVE Programme to all of those severely disabled children throughout Europe who would benefit from it by learning the skills they need for sitting, standing, walking and transferring. The MOVE Programme combines both education and therapy to create a mobility programme, which uses goals set by the child and their families along with a team approach to increase independent mobility in the child’s normal environment. The MOVE Programme is unique to each child or young adult who uses the Programme as they choose the targets they wish to work on themselves. This ensures that they make improvements in the areas that most impact on their lives, be it learning to lift their head for 30 seconds, which allows them to access the world around them with the opportunity to view their environment and to express choice by being able to look at the person or object they would like to interact with. Or a teenage girl choosing to learn the skills needed to take two steps backwards, may be able to use the toilet independently, allowing her both the privacy and dignity she deserves. With your help we would like to provide MOVE to all who could benefit from it as soon as possible.

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What It has become evident through the use of the MOVE Programme in the UK that the lives of the most severely disabled children have become truly transformed. Therefore, we would like to build partnerships with organisations currently working with severely disabled children throughout each European country to allow the MOVE Programme to become accessible in the quickest and most efficient way so they are able to reach their full potential and benefit from increased mobility. Why Not only does MOVE improve a child’s independent movement, it also brings with it a wealth of further benefits, including improved cognitive ability as they are more alert and able to participate in learning; improved health as the child is no longer so dependant on a wheelchair, their organs are given the opportunity to be stretched helping with breathing, circulation and digestion. Improvements are also made in communication, a child using MOVE is more likely to be able to take part in social interactions as they are able to express choice, furthermore, a child who is able to stand independently is for the first time at the same height as their peers, helping them to be included, possibly for the first time. As a child benefits from MOVE, less time will be needed for essential care, and so pressure on the family decreases and they are more able to enjoy a ‘normal’ life together. How We would like to create partnerships with current European organisations working with severely disabled children to ensure that awareness of the MOVE Programme and its use is increased in the most effective way. We will also provide new materials translated into the appropriate language and 20 MOVE Development Officers throughout Europe to expand the MOVE Programme in each individual country. They would be responsible for raising awareness and providing free MOVE Training in schools, centres and clinics, which will eventually ensure that the programme becomes sustainable in these countries.