The Log Cabin

The Log Cabin Playbus

Many, many children and young people with disabilities and special needs come to the Log Cabin to play. However, we are at maximum capacity, and there are still more disabled and isolated children who deserve play opportunities and a chance to meet their peers in an appropriate setting. We want to run a Playbus to far-flung and deprived estates and areas in the community of Ealing, West London so that no children, whatever their needs, are excluded.

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The open-access Playbus would be staffed by trained Playworkers/youthworkers as well as volunteers, some of whom would be drawn from the estates. It would travel to two or three designated sites a day. In term-time, younger children could access it and after school, older children and young people would have their turn. There would be full disabled-friendly facilities. The project, like the Log Cabin itself, would be inclusive, so that non-disabled children would also have access, thus allowing integration between the two groups, a rare and valuable opportunity for all. Three-year funding is already being sought to run the bus, but we are now seeking funding to buy and convert a bus for the purpose.