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InPatient Unit Beds Project

We are seeking a gift of £500,000 to support the costs of running 4 of our InPatient Unit beds for 1 year.

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Our In Patient Unit provides 24 hour nursing care to people who are dying or who need some extra help during a period of crisis. We provide terminal care, symptom control, pain relief medication and respite care. Patients also have access to other services including counselling, aromatherapy and physiotherapy. The Unit has 18 beds with access to a lounge and our tranquil gardens. Whilst many patients come to us to die, nearly half are discharged to home including those who wish to die there. In 2007/2008, 284 terminally ill people were nursed on our InPatient Unit. Of these, 219 patients died on the Unit. In total, there were 5,052 occupied bed days during the year and the average stay per patient was 15 days. 87% of all patients on the InPatient Unit had a diagnosis of advanced cancer. It costs us £125,000 per year to provide each Hospice bed on the InPatient Unit. A gift of £500,000 would fund four beds.