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We are seeking a £250,000 gift to support the running of our social enterprise Martlets Care Agency for the next three years.

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The Martlets Care Agency was launched on 1 October 2007. By 31 March 2008, the Agency was employing 25 care assistants and 16 registered nurses delivering high quality nursing and social care for clients in the community in their own homes. The agency has been established as a social enterprise to generate income for The Martlets Hospice. It is being run as a commercial private care and nursing agency specializing in chronic and complex conditions as well as end of life care. Many clients receive free care because our Agency has been appointed as a provider for our local health authority or because the service is paid for from personal private health insurance schemes. Other clients can choose to pay for their care. A gift of £250,000 would cover the management and key operational costs of the agency for the next three years including the salary costs of its Manager and administrators. Such a gift would help us to maximise the Agency’s income generation for the Hospice in its formative stages and will help to put it on a firm footing for future growth.