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Occupational Therapy Service Project

We are seeking a £100,000 gift to enable us to continue provision of Occupational Therapy to our terminally ill patients for the next two years.

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Our Occupational Therapy Service was established in 2005. Its aim is to support independent and safe living for our patients in their own homes for as long as possible. The Occupational Therapist assesses each patient and arranges for the provision of specialist equipment to support each patient including wheelchairs, walking frames and bath chairs. Adaptations can also be made in the home to help patients such as grab rails, toilet and bathroom fittings. The Service often makes it possible for patients to be discharged to home from the Hospice and helps to reduce emergency admissions to hospitals due to accidents. Each year, over 240 patients benefit from Occupational Therapy. The Occupational Therapist visits patients in the Hospice and makes an average of two home visits per patient. A gift of £100,000 would enable this project to continue for the next two years by funding the salary of our Occupational Therapist and the part-time Occupational Therapy Assistant.