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We are seeking a £10,000 gift to enable us to purchase 20 new PCs. We rely on computers to support all aspects of our work including patient care, fundraising, finance and communications and we have a constant need to upgrade existing IT equipment.

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We currently have over 80 computers and 5 servers working across all our operating sites. We are reliant on computers for conducting key operations including patient management, finances, fundraising and communications. Our IT system links our 10 operating sites including our 7 charity shops, our Hospice, Education Centre and Fundraising/Trading Offices. There is a constant need to upgrade our IT equipment. In addition, we have recently introduced a system for reclaiming gift aid on donations to our shops and we are about to introduce new software for HR operations and a new patient database. These developments have increased our need to expand, replace and upgrade our IT equipment. Each computer with monitor costs us £450.