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Hospital Information Desk for Visually Impaired People

To establish hospital information desks, run by a clinically trained member of staff, supported by volunteers, to offer visually impaired people the additional support and information they need following a consultation.

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Many people feel confused, upset and worried when they leave a medical consultation as a result of the impact of what they are being told in terms of a diagnosis or prognosis. Providing them with access to additional information and support at that time can be helpful. Importantly it can offer the person time to talk through concerns, ask questions and check their understanding once they have had time to reflect on what they have been told. And, it can signpost them to other services that may be able to offer more help and support. Supported by volunteers, such a resource will make a huge difference to the lives of visually impaired people at their time of diagnosis/prognosis and will remain a constant to which they can return time and again. Such a development will be undertaken in conjunction with the hospital but funding will be required to establish it and ensure that it is effectively meeting an identified need. To do this will have a first year cost of £38,000.