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Berkshire County Blind Society - enabling and empowering

Involving younger visually impaired people in the design and delivery of projects and activities that will boost their confidence and self-esteem and enable them to participate in the wider community.

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Achieving this big idea will drive BCBS for the future and ensure that it is able to respond to the needs of visually impaired people today and tomorrow. BCBS needs to ensure that the services it develops are appropriate and accessible and, to do this, needs to engage more visually impaired people in the development and delivery of new services and raising awareness of existing ones. To do this BCBS needs to allocate dedicated resources that will support the involvement of visually impaired people, offer training and ensure that ideas can be tested and turned into reality. BCBS plans to run this project over a two year period at a total cost of £30,000. At the end of the two year period not only will BCBS have a programme of services that are responsive to the needs of visually impaired people currently not using existing services, but those service users involved in the process will have benefited from a boost to their confidence, self-esteem and motivation.