Berkshire County Blind Society

Overcoming Barriers

Archery? Yoga? Can a blind person do these things? You bet! With the right support and guidance a visually impaired person is able to participate in a wide range of activities that can help boost self-esteem, confidence and motivation.

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Berkshire County Blind Society wants to help visually impaired people achieve their potential in life and make informed choices by having access to opportunities that many of us may take for granted. Developing a programme of activity such as yoga, archery and bowls has already proven successful and, with funding, could be extended to include more activities and reach more people in Berkshire. The activities are fun and daunting at the same time and challenge stereotypes. They also make the sighted instructors think about the way in which they communicate and the limitations they may unconsciously place on people, With funding so much could be possible. At Berkshire County Blind Society we know that visually impaired people are keen to try new things, they just need some additional help and support at the start.