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Big Anchor Project

The Big Anchor Project is a fun heritage recording initiative which aims to empower public volunteers in the recording of anchors around the world. Via the project website, volunteers are empowered to record the heritage within their community.


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Ever since man first took to the sea he has made anchors. First of stone then of metal, the changes in design demonstrates technological progress through the centuries. The distribution of particular types may show old trade routes, or mark the progress of exploration, and all this evidence is just lying around us every day.


Today the image of the anchor is everywhere - as brand names and company logos acting as a symbol of strength and safety. Anchors themselves are everywhere also - in public parks and gardens, on roundabouts, beach promenades, under the sea, hanging on pub walls and even as ornaments in private houses and gardens. In fact it is difficult to go a week without seeing an anchor. Help us record them…..