Assisting disabled children and young people so that they can access their chosen lesiure pursuits. Delivering a programme of leisure opportunities for disabled and non disabled children aimed at building their confidence and raising their self esteem.

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  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
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Our project will empower disabled children so that they can plan their own programme of inclusive leisure activities aimed at building confidence, raising self esteem and acting as a stepping stone so that disabled children are able to access the same leisure opportunities as their non disabled peers. Our project will allow disabled children to follow a pathway of participant, to volunteer to paid worker. This pathway will highlight to other disabled children their potential as they grow and develop and become more independent through their chosen leisure pursuits. Our project will provide leisure providers with the opportunity to deliver their activities too disabled children in a safe and supportive environment, thus giving them the experience and confidence to be more receptive when disabled children choose to access their activities in the wider community alongside their non disabled peers. A brief look at costings = 100 disabled young people x 5 hrs of 1:1 assistance per week x 50 weeks per year x £7.77 per hour + 25% for core costs = £24281.25