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The Ultimate Office

This self-sustaining social enterprise project will provide work experience opportunities to socially excluded young people and those with learning difficulties in South London. In a fully supported environment, these hard-to-place learners will be given the opportunity to work in a real office setting to meet both their individual needs and those of prospective employers.

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Students in need of special support or at risk of exclusion from school often have difficulty finding meaningful work placements. The introduction of New Diplomas in September 2008 will make finding these placements even harder. The Ultimate Office experience has been set up to provide young people in South London with the opportunity to show what they can do with an individualised work-plan and extra support in a working office environment. Our aim is to help those young people who are econonically and educationally disadvantaged to realise, build and strengthen both their confidence and work-related skills through real employment-based achievement. This experience is aimed at improving aspirations as well as the skills needed to successfully enter the world of work. We intend each placement to act as a catalyst that inspires every student to become a respected and contributing member of our society.