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24 years of experience tells us that people only solve drug problems when they want to, and when they are given the respect and regard of an experienced mentor. We provide these for those in Cornwall And the Isles of Scilly with, or affected by someone else's drug use.

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Our team of qualified, experienced therapists work with clients individually, or with couples or family groups towards freedom from drug use. The Therapists are accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, as is the Service itself. Each client is seen in confidence at a suitable venue or at home if quiet and privacy can be provided. The therapy can be goal oriented and structured, or more organic and open ended to suit the needs and circumstances of the client. We provide a therapeutic ‘amnesty’ for clients deciding to sort out the chaos and pathology in their lives; and a professional ally through which to make and maintain changes. The service is free to clients, and accessed by a free-to-phone telephone number. We ask that clients refer themselves.