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To employ a specialist advocate to provide a one to one independent advocacy service for children & young people with mental health problems, working closely with children & young people, building trust, and establishing and promoting their views and wishes, ensuring that the most vulnerable have access to high quality specialist independent advocacy.

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“SUICIDE ACCOUNTS FOR 1 IN 5 OF ALL DEATHS BY YOUNG PEOPLE” (Mental Health Foundation) Mental health problems in children & young people are very common, and the stigma attached to mental health issues can be more acutely felt by young people. In our work we have noted that young people are often highly sensitive to appearing “different” to their peers. “1 IN 5 UNDER 18’S WILL EXPERIENCE MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS IN ANY GIVEN YEAR” (Mental Health Foundation) Even in a small rural county like Pembrokeshire, it is estimated that between 2,850 – 5,700 children & young people are experiencing mental health problems. All children have a right to express themselves. The children & young people who use the advocacy service will gain in confidence enabling them to be more involved in the planning around their lives. The increased confidence gained through the advocacy service ensuring their views are heard, and the feeling of empowerment may also lead to future increased independence, and they feel able to influence and take a lead in decisions affecting their lives. Our advocacy project for children & young people has been running since December 2004, and it is the only service in Pembrokeshire and the wider area of Dyfed to offer a specialist independent advocacy service for children & young people with mental health problems. We have been fortunate over the last few years to have been funded by BBC Children in Need for this service, but we have just received the news that this funding is to come to an end. We need your help. It costs £39,000 inclusive of salary, travel expenses, supervision, support & management costs per year to run the independent advocacy service for children & young people. This equals £3,250 per month, £750 per week, or £150 per day. You can help MAP really make a difference to these children. Please donate £3,250 – or whatever you can – so that we can make sure that this independent advocacy service remains available. A gift from you will ensure that these children are listened to, that their views are taken into account when their care is planned, and that they no longer feel isolated in their illness.