Mental Health Advocacy Providers

Mental Health Advocacy Providers - Core Support

To employ the core staff that provide the support, supervision and management for all the advocacy services provided by MAP. The core staff are made up of administrator, senior manager, and funding & finance officer.

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Administrator The post holder provides administration support for all advocacy services and management committee. This post supports the advocates enabling them to focus on client needs. All clients indirectly benefit from this post. Without the administrator at least 30% of the advocates time would be taken away from direct client contact. The need has been confirmed since the appointment of the administrator in the development of the overall service and the client experience. Funding & Finance Officer The role of the Funding & Finance Officer will be to provide day to day financial support for the organisation, ensure management of funders and their accounts, and to secure the future funding for the whole organisation, as well as looking and working towards a more sustainable future for MAP. Principle/Senior Advocate To provide executive support to the Committee to enable effective decision making and efficient operation of services. To ensure that high quality independent mental health case advocacy is available to qualifying individuals in West Wales. The role includes directly providing an Advocacy Service for a small number of advocacy cases and specific supervisory responsibilities within the advocacy team including recruitment and supervision of advocates, operational aspects of the advocacy service delivery and risk management procedures for advocacy staff. Conclusion The Management Committee felt that as MAP has continually worked and grown to provide advocacy services to all age groups, the organisation needs to ensure the continued management and support for the advocates providing this service, and for the operation of this organisation. Direct Project costs for Core Cost Bids 2009/10 Year 1 Administrator NJC Scale 12 pro rata 20 hours 8133 Employer NI 976 Training 300 Travel Expenses 300 Supervision/Management 1093 Year 1 Funding & Finance Officer NJC Scale 21 pro rata 28 hours 14473 Employer NI 1737 Training 300 Travel Expenses 500 Supervision/Management 1945 Year 1 Principle / Senior Advocate NJC Scale 38 pro rata 40% 12702 Employer NI 1524 Training 400 Travel Expenses 1400 Supervision/Management 1707 Total Direct Project Costs 47490 Full Cost Recovery Amount 6392 TOTAL COST per year 53882 TOTAL COST Year 2 55768 TOTAL COST Year 3 57437