POWER International

Getting children with disabilities into schools

Breaking the cycle of disability and poverty through education, by getting children with disabilities in Mozambique into school, and making sure that they receive a quality education that will equip them well for the future.

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Did you know that 90% of children with disabilities in developing countries do not receive an education? And in Mozambique it is estimated that over 14 000 children with disabilities are out of school. If a child is not educated then they are condemned to a life of poverty, with severely limited prospects. Excluded from the economic and social life of their communities, what kind of future can they have?


POWER is working hard to change the lives and futures of these children, by getting them into schools, and by ensuring that the schools and teachers are well equipped to provide them with a quality education. It is also a sad truth that many of the mothers of disabled children are abandoned by their husbands, and so live a life of extreme poverty, social isolation and loneliness. POWER is changing this by creating groups where parents can come together to support and learn from each other.