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Transmission: creating the UK's only nationally-accessible HIV support service for teenagers.

Body & Soul is in the process of developing a UK first: the only nationally-accessible HIV service for teenagers living with or closely-affected by HIV. Critically, this online service will be developed by HIV+ / closely-affected UK teenagers for their peers. It will, for the first time, provide them with easy access to age-appropriate HIV information and peer-to-peer support, to increase knowledge and reduce the crippling isolation that many feel.

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As the only charity in the UK with a teen HIV support group, Body & Soul recognise that there are many young people who are living outside of London who feel isolated, and who have very limited access to targeted HIV information, peer support, and services in their area. To remedy this, and in response to increased access to technology and demand amongst young people, Body & Soul is developing a new online health and support service for HIV+ or closely-affected teens in the UK. Called Transmission, it will remove the isolation and lack of targeted information that many young people currently face. It will ensure that all teens living with or closely-affected by HIV can gain the knowledge, skills, strategies and peer contact that they need to self-manage their health and maximise their potential. Critically, the information and the website itself will be produced by HIV+ or closely-affected young people, for their peers. What the Transmission service will contain: Transmission will fill the gap in services available to HIV+ / closely-affected young people in the UK for the first time. It will provide them with the information and contact that they need to reduce isolation, improve knowledge and minimise the day-to-day affects of HIV on their lives. The service will contain a mix of static and interactive elements to ensure that it has the broadest appeal and reach that will include: • factsheets and information on must need-to-know subjects, such as medication, side-effects, strategies for coping, reducing stress and anxiety etc • case studies, blogs, podcasts, new music, poems and life-stories, to gain a real-life insight into other people’s experiences of living with HIV • safe and secure moderated discussion boards and chat facilities with experts across a range of fields, as well as inspirational roles models. It will cost Body & Soul around £140,000 to launch the first phase of the project. £35,000 has already been secured to build a dedicated multi-media studio. Additional funding is still required to purchase the essential technical equipment, and bring in the vital skills needed to deliver the project to teens.