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For the first time in history we can actually look to the future and see an end to the misery of stroke. Our goal is to raise £10m over five years so that we can double our investment in stroke research and make a real difference to people's lives.

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Despite the fact that stroke is the UK's third biggest killer, donor's give the equivalent of £100 to cancer research and only 70 pence to stroke research. 150,000 people a year have a stroke in the UK alone. Of these two thirds will die or be severely disabled as a consequence. A stroke can affect anybody, of any age, at any time. This includes the 400 young people who have a stroke in the UK each year.


With increased funding we will focus on the following four key research areas: Preventing strokes - Understanding the role that genetics, lifestyle and diet play in preventing a stroke. Better understanding of the brain - How the brain works and recovers after a stroke Saving lives - Minimising the effects of brain bleeds and clots and to preserve brain tissue Rebuilding lives after stroke - Improving therapies for stroke survivors for a quick and complete recovery after their stroke