Nepal Urgent Care and Rehabilitation Appeal

Hundreds of survivors of the Nepal earthquake have severe injuries & disabilities. Livability and our partner organisation, the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre (SIRC) are responding to the immediate needs of those injured and paralysed as a result of the earthquake. Please help by donating now

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The devastating earthquake in Nepal has impacted on the lives of thousands of people in the area. Collapsed buildings have resulted in men, women and children surviving but with severe injuries, and many will be permanently disabled as a result; and life for disabled people in the area will be even more challenging. For those who do survive but with severe spinal injuries, urgent specialist care will be critical, followed by rehabilitation support to regain skills or adapt to their condition.


By supporting Livability, immediate help to earthquake survivors can be given by SIRC. This includes food and shelter, basic medical supplies, medicine, catheters, splints and mobility aids. The project will help enable SIRC to expand and double their bed capacity immediately to provide urgent treatment and rehabilitation to newly injured spinal patients. Livability needs your help now to support SIRC to deal with the overwhelming demands that it will face in the days, weeks and months ahead

  • SIRC’s services are in demand like never before as survivors arrive for treatment and rehabilitation.

    — Esha Thapa Director, Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Service

  • We are in need of bed, mattress, blanket, medical and other supplies for patients who are now flowing in to SIRC

    — Esha Thapa Dhungana, Director, Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre

  • Waking up with determination going to bed with satisfaction at Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre

    — Chanda Rana, Rehab In-charge