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Saving the Critically Endangered mountain gorillas

With fewer than 900 mountain gorillas left in the world today, the International Gorilla Conservation Programme - an innovative collaboration operating across the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC - is supporting rangers and local communities to provide effective, long-term protection.

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Just two isolated populations of mountain gorillas remain, ranging across National Parks in the DRC, Uganda and Rwanda. Their vital habitat is at risk and needs protection. Forests have been destroyed for agriculture and access to other natural resources. As the forests shrink, there is greater chance of infections from disease. Add to this the unselective hunting, waves of conflict leading to the dumping of ammunition and other dangerous materials, and you have a number of serious threats.


The International Gorilla Conservation Programme is supporting rangers on the ground who are working with local communities - even ex-poachers - to maintain forests and stop their degradation. So far our work has led to an increase in gorilla numbers, but they are still Critically Endangered and on the edge of extinction. Our five-year plan to increase numbers to over 1,000 involves a crucial full gorilla census so that we know extactly where they are and what support they need to survive.