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Disability Essex Healthy Chance outreach programme

Healthy Chance promotes healthy living amongst people with disabilities, a group often neglected in terms of tailored awareness raising and practical solutions to health issues. It provides a range of healthy living and disability services delivered from from specially equipped outreach vehicles.

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The aim is to promote awareness of the dangers of conditions such as high blood pressure to people with disabilities, highlight the importance of regularly monitoring such conditions, and help individuals understand the measures they can take to lead a healthier lifestyle. This target group is often neglected because of a lack of accessible, understandable information and advice, and often many people with disabilities do not have the confidence or mobility to regularly see their doctors.


By offering fully accessible, specialist outreach services to individuals across Essex isolated by disability, location, age etc. These services include: blood pressure monitoring; oxygen level checks; glucose tests; guidance on diet, exercise, stress etc. and disability management advice. As a preventative service the project aims to identify those at risk of health issues and prevent them from being admitted to hospital and/or acquiring a future disability.