MEDASSET-Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles

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The Project aims to contribute to sea turtle and habitat conservation, migratory routes monitoring, capacity building, environmental education and awareness-raising in Albania.

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Despite its richness in biological and landscape diversity, Albania is considered to have the highest rate of biodiversity loss in Europe. Uncontrolled human activity and pressure from low socio-economic standards, have extensively damaged the ecological values of the coastal area. The Albanian coast has received very little attention in the past; while foraging and overwintering habitats are monitored in Croatia and Slovenia, a black hole of information existed for the coastal and offshore waters of Albania. This pioneer project kicked off in the June 2008 and until September 2008 it had yielded important scientific findings and has had a positive impact on the local community. Following the successful completion of the first phase, in 2009 we will continue the monitoring activities and data collection, train more university students as research assistants, carry out educational workshops for fishermen, expand research activities to more areas and involve further awareness raising campaigns. New work packages will be added, such as DNA profiling and satellite tracking of sea turtles. The purpose of this Project is for the Patok area to be recognised as a nationally and regionally important foraging habitat for sea turtles in the Mediterranean and that these endangered species are fully protected under Albanian national law. Ultimately, we aim to establish the foundations needed, through training and networking, so that by the end of this project the conservation and education activities are locally sustained and further developed. Expected Results in 2009 ÔÄ™ Tagging of more than 100 turtles. ÔÄ™ Sea turtle and by-catch data collection. ÔÄ™ Four workshops ÔÄ™ Know-how sharing with local NGOs, networking and enhancing local NGO project management capacities ÔÄ™ Progress Report, Annual Report, Papers and presentations at international conferences, press releases and articles. ÔÄ™ Awareness-raising of fishermen and residents. ÔÄ™ Training of four students as research assistants. ÔÄ™ Training of two veterinary surgeons in sea turtle medicine. ÔÄ™ Production of awareness-raising material ÔÄ™ Migratory route monitoring of three sea turtles and collection of overwintering data. ÔÄ™ DNA profiling of the sea turtle population found in the area of Patok. Beneficiaries - Albanian scientists and university students. - Albanian veterinary surgeons. - Local residents and visiting tourists. - Local fishermen groups. - Albanian NGOs - International scientific community Budget: -Field work: 26,727.19 GBP -Education, capacity building and awareness raising: 11,938.38 GBP -DNA profiling: 3,855.25 GBP -Satellite tracking of three sea turtles: 6,256.39 GBP