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People with dementia, assisted by artists, are given the opportunities to express themselves and communicate via a range of different types of artistic exploration. We hope that this will include video diaries, sculpture, music, poetry and more. Once completed the art will formed into an exhibition which tours Scotland, featuring in the Edinburgh Fringe and becomes a key awareness raising tool - challenging society's perception of the illness.

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Alzheimer Scotland will create opportunities for people with dementia to express themselves through a range of art forms. This will firmly establish a therapy which we have not taken full advantage of. The project, bringing art and it’s creation to people with dementia, will employ a part-time co-ordinator who will supervise artists and collate material for the installation. This project is in 2 distinct parts – the arts opportunities for people with dementia and the tour of Scotland thereafter. This second part is key to the project and will help to raise awareness of dementia but also introduce new audiences to multimedia art. We will actively seek significant audiences important for us to reach (schools, businesses, community groups etc). Specialist arts workers will be drafted in to work with people with dementia via group work and on a one-to-one basis. A full range of artistic options will allow people in all stages of the illness to participate. People in the early stages of the illness may benefit from expressing themselves through video diaries, while people further on in the illness may find the use of music or painting more therapeutic and accessible. This project will provide therapeutic benefit, opportunity for self expression, increased stimulation, provide new ways of communicating for people with dementia, create a lasting legacy and help destroy the stigma that still surrounds dementia. The project will be delivered by artists employed to delivery art as a therapy, it will be managed by a Development Worker. The majority of the costs involved will be staff costs (including artists fees) and material costs. This is (at this stage) a one off project for which we need £60k.