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This rescue neuters all the cats before they are re-homed. Often we are approached by people on low incomes, who ask for financial help in neutering their cats. We haven’t the funds to help. Our project is to offer a voucher to be used at the vets.

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It ran from 1:44 PM, 7 November 2011 to 1:44 PM, 7 November 2011

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In this area there is a tremendous number of kittens born. Many are “dumped” in the most horrendous places: rubbish bins, carrier bags, or just left in the countryside. Some are lucky enough to be found, some are not. Neutering could prevent this pain and suffering. This rescue wants to help. We have negotiated a discount at our vets. We aim to print vouchers for the neutering, which will be given to people on low incomes, who approach us for financial help in neutering their cats. Through this voucher scheme, we aim to neuter 30 cats a month. This number is based on the average number of people who approached us last year. The cost of neutering will be £30 per cat. The total cost of neutering for 12 months will be £10800 Sometimes elderly people approach us, and we would like to help by taking the cat to the vets for them. Monthly cost of petrol £25 12 months cost of petrol £300 Project total £ 11100