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We provide individual emotional support for grandparents looking after thier grandchildren due to parental substance misuse. They have to deal with emotionally disturbed children who have been through trauma and feel neglected, and need emotional and practical support to cope.

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It ran from 10:00 AM, 6 December 2012 to 5:00 PM, 19 December 2012

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Feeling isolated, not knowing anyone else in their situation, not fitting in with peers. Being unsure about benefit entitlements and being reluctant to ask for help. Finding information, advice and advocacy services. Needing assistance with their relationship with their own child (parent of grandchild) as well as other family members. Coping with strain on relationship with own partner. Feeling estranged from own age group and not fitting into resources for parents e.g. mother and toddler.


Hetty’s appreciate and understand the demanding emotional, physical, practical and financial implications of becoming and being a kinship carer. With this project we provide a specialist kinship care worker and support package to help lighten the load a little, Alleviate some of the stress, and just be there for families when no-one else is. The family will have access to relax kids sessions to enable families to have calm, confident children in choatic times

  • It was a chance to express myself and let myself go

    — 9 year old girl on repsite holiday

  • Without my worker I would have been lost; she made me feel I was worth something. She helped me respect myself and realise I am a good Mum.

    — Kinship Carer

  • This was the best time of my life, I did not want it to end

    — 8 year old boy who attended the respite holiday