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The project plans to extend its family support service to include families with at least one child eight or under. We know that many families find that issues arise when children are at school and we feel it is important to provide practical help and support or just a listening ear to help families.

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As children grow up they often find that issues arise particularly at school and these can often result in bullying which can in turn result in the family having to cope with new issues. These could include speech and language difficulties, obesity issues, overcoming shyness or the need for for new routines when starting school. We hope that by addressing the these at any early stage it will help the child through their early school days, enabling them to learn more effectively.


We plan to provide support, help and friendship through a team of experienced and trained volunteers to enable the family to find practical ways of resolving issues, that very often arise as children grow up, this can be a simple as giving the family time to read with their child for example at those very early stages . Often parents just need a listening ear to help them with the confidence to find ways to support their children and enable them to make the best of their early days at school.