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Greenbelt is the largest faith-based arts festival in Europe, held annually in Cheltenham. Attracting around 20,000 people, it hosts a rich programme of music, visual arts, comedy and talks. In 2013 we celebrate our 40th festival and want to mark the occasion by producing a feature length film.

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It ran from 10:00 AM, 6 December 2012 to 5:00 PM, 19 December 2012

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Greenbelt is a unique festival offering people the opportunity to explore and experience high quality arts through the lenses of spirituality and justice. Despite the Huffington Post describing us as ‘Britain’s Greatest Festival’, we still feel we are ‘the best festival that people have never heard of.’ At a critical time when festivals across the country are folding on a regular basis, we need to find new and innovative ways of attracting and retaining new audiences and artists.


In addition to being a high quality creative product in its own right, having a DVD that tells the Greenbelt story will enable us to re-engage with past audiences, attract new audiences and bring new and exciting artists to the festival. Investing in a high quality documentary that demonstrates the impact of Greenbelt over the years will help us not only to survive but flourish, contributing to the future sustainability of the festival. The £20,000 we are seeking covers 50% of the project.

  • Britain’s greatest festival...the content, the opportunities to be challenged, affirmed, welcomed & angered as well as entertained & see new things.

    — The Huffington Post

  • I believe in Dialogue, and that's what Greenbelt is all about

    — Peter Tatchell

  • I was deeply moved by the mood and spirit of the festival

    — Clare Short