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The project will provide respite break for life-limited children and families, adding quality to their lives during their time at Little Havens Children's Hospice. The hospice specialist nurses will care for their medical requirements, as well as spiritual, emotional, educational and social need

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It ran from 10:00 AM, 5 December 2011 to 4:00 PM, 22 December 2011

Registered Charity in England and Wales (1022119)

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  • ““Little Havens has pieced my family back together again. The care, and support they offer is invaluable. We wouldn’t be able to cope without them.”"

    — Liz is mum to Ava, 3, who visits Little Havens

  • “Knowing that my family is in one place, and life will feel normal for a while, make the hospice the little haven it is.”

    — Katie’s son Frazer, 2, started visiting Little Havens in 2011

  • “Ruby is so much calmer when she’s been there. She loves the sensory room and loves doing all of the art. I sleep in the same room as her”

    — Charlotte’s daughter Ruby, 4, use Little Havens for respite breaks every 6-8 weeks


Families with a life-limited child need support. If there is no cure the focus switches from curative to palliative care-an area which is already heavily under resourced in the healthcare sector. Families don’t know where to turn once they have been given the devastating news that their child will die whether that’s in a matter of months or years. Often they are already under a huge emotional, physical and financial burden which can detract from spending quality time with their child.


Little Havens is the only place in Essex that can offer specialist palliative care-for free-to make a child comfortable throughout their illness, and care for the whole family from the point of diagnosis to a child’s death and beyond. We will provide an environment that is caring, supportive and welcoming to ensure they are making the most of every moment with their child. We will focus on enhancing the child’s quality of life, relieving pain and creating special memories for the family.