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Young Justice Champions Project

The Young Justice Champions Project is a London-wide initiative, which will be delivered to marginalised young Londoners. This project will equip disadvantaged young Londoners with the necessary legal skills they need to be independent and confident and avoid further disadvantage.

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All young people need to be able to solve problems with a legal dimension, to live confident and independent lives. However, young people that lack the knowledge, skills and confidence to deal with law-related events find themselves either being or becoming detached from the social mainstream and unable to access the basic services they need in order to combat the cycle of exclusion.


The Young Justice Champions Project will work directly to improve 25 disadvantaged young peoples’ legal capabilities through a unique type of public legal education. It will also provide a much needed evidence base and policy recommendations on how best to deliver public legal education to young people that will engage and provide them with the right skills and knowledge to live independent and fulfilled lives. The need for this project can therefore not be overstated.