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The Wildlife Trust’s Living Landscapes

A Living Landscape is a recovery plan for nature championed by The Wildlife Trusts. It is a new way of thinking about how we manage land to do more for wildlife and people. The Wildlife Trust BCN has 10 Living Landscape projects aimed at making our nature reserves bigger, better and more joined up.

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Over the last 100 years, demands on land for agriculture and development in the UK have meant that wildlife rich areas, like woods, wetlands and meadows have dramatically decreased in extent. A recent State of Nature report reveals that 60% of species studied have declined over recent decades, and more than one in ten of those assessed are under threat of disappearing altogether. People too lack access to quality green space. This is bad for our health, happiness and also bad for our future.


The key concept behind a Living Landscape is that small, isolated habitats cannot sustain species in the long term. The Wildlife Trust BCN’s Living Landscape projects aim to: maintain and enhance wildlife-rich areas; recreate wildlife habitat, connecting these fragments together to allow wildlife to move through the landscape; and enable local communities to access, enjoy and understand the natural environment around them.

  • “We must now work on a landscape scale if we are to give wildlife a chance and allow future generations to enjoy nature as we have.”

    — Sir David Attenborough