Young Carers in Wales

Young carers are often reluctant to ask for help for fear of stigma, letting their family down or being taken into care. Barnardo’s wants to continue to dispel these feelings of anxiety, by identifying and offering support to these dedicated children and young people.

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  • "Young carers provide essential care to their family members, often taking on many adult experiences. I love to be able to give these children and young people the opportunity to be their age. Another big element of my role is to make sure young carers know their rights and entitlements!"

    — Project Worker, Caerphilly Young Carers Service

  • "Me and my brother used to kick off all the time at home, we didn't get why dad couldn't work anymore or take us out and do things. Then Barnardo's came into our lives and helped us understand Dad's illness. It may not seem like a lot but now I treasure my dad and any memories I can make with him"

    — Young Carer accessing a Barnardo's Young Carer service

  • “When my mum is having a shower or cooking I occupy my sisters and give them cwtches and I help put them to bed. It can be difficult sometimes but I also enjoy it.”

    — Young carer accessing one of Barnardo's projects in Wales


Every Christmas morning at least 11,000 young carers will wake up in Wales. Unlike other children and young people their age this special day can bring extra challenges and chores. Tasks can include anything from cooking the turkey to wrapping their own presents, as well as completing their usual day to day jobs to support the family member they care for. 1 in 5 young carers describe Christmas as a ‘sadder’ or ‘tougher’ time than the rest of the year.


Barnardo's has and will continue making Christmas as enjoyable as possible for young carers aswell as providing regular respite throughout the year. Ceri cares for her brother Tom, who is Autistic. “Barnardo’s gives me a break from the struggles at home and the opportunity to make friends with people that understand what my life is like. There are lovely project workers who support me and organise fun trips – last year at Christmas we watched the panto and visited the magical Winter Wonderland"