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A problem shared is a problem halved

Caring is often lonely and isolating, with many being restricted from leaving the person they care for, or feeling that even close friends and family members don’t understand their situation. We aim to offer peer support in the form of coffee mornings, providing an environment for carers to seek.

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Caring can be an overwhelming experience, changing lives and relationships. Many carers report being cut off from former social circles, which can bring feelings of isolation and loneliness, in turn leading to physical ill-health and depression. Many feel that even close friends and family members do not fully understand their situation and the subsequent isolation prevents carers from making choices about how to best meet their support needs and removes an element of control.


We will offer peer support groups in the form of coffee mornings, both general and specialist groups, allowing carers to meet and support each other in an informal environment, and connect to people in a similar situation. In addition, speakers will be invited to talk about various issues. Workshops will be offered to increase knowledge, allowing them to make informed choices, improve techniques for the physical aspect of caring and ensure they are maximising their own health and wellbeing.